Thank you

On behalf of the On Board with RFTA campaign, thank you for your generous donation. Your support will make a difference for the future of our region and allow the campaign to better reach out to voters this fall.

As you know, without voter approval of 7A, RFTA will likely be forced to reduce regional services by up to 20 percent in just a few years in order to replace its aging buses. At the same time, projected population and employment growth, as well as housing development, will place more demands on our limited roadways and RFTA’s services.

Approval of 7A is essential for our region’s future. Your generous donation will help pass Issue 7A in the November election.

If you have a moment, please consider sharing your support with the community by writing a letter to the editor to one of our local newspapers. Discuss Issue 7A with your friends, family and neighbors. And, most importantly, be sure to vote this Election Day and vote Yes on Issue 7A.

Thank you again for your contribution.