Yes, please add my name to the “On Board with RFTA” endorsement list!

The “On Board with RFTA” campaign needs YOUR support to help pass Issue 7A on this November’s ballot.

Issue 7A is a 2.65-mill property tax question, along with bonding authority, for the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. Funding from 7A will allow RFTA to implement its Destination 2040 plan to reduce congestion, improve mobility, increase service, maintain trails, and make safety and environmental improvements in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys.

Destination 2040 was developed over the past two years, with extensive input from local governments and communities to achieve these goals:

• Replace obsolete buses with more efficient and environmentally-sustainable vehicles
• Increase evening, night and weekend service during the winter and summer seasons and weekdays in the off-seasons
• Maintain the Rio Grande Trail and help construct the LOVA multi-use trail
• Increase safety and mobility with pedestrian crossings, bike sharing, improved bus stations and additional park and rides

Without voter approval of 7A, RFTA will likely be forced to reduce regional services by up to 20 percent in just a few years in order to replace its aging buses. At the same time, projected population and employment growth, as well as housing development, will place more demands on our limited roadways and RFTA’s services. Approval of 7A is essential for our valley’s future. Your support will help convince voters to say Yes on 7A in the November election.

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Vote Yes on 7A for RFTA.

Some of us ride it. All of us need it.